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A new world record...


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Australian museum


Sunfish Literature (also, Google Japanese to English translation)
Featuring the tireless efforts of fellow sunfish lover, Etsuro Sawai from Hiroshima University, who has assembled a comprehensive list of relevant sunfish publications. Three cheers to Etsuro

Ocean Sunfish Wikipedia entry

Mike Johnson Marine Natural History Photography sunfish images and video


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Note from the field

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Oral Session: At Sea Observation & Laboratory Modeling of Animal Behavior, Biologging III Asilomar, Thursday, Sept 4th, 1645 hrs
The largest (up to 2 tonnes) and a globally distributed teleost, the ocean sunfish Mola mola, is commonly regarded as a planktonic fish. This is because they lack a caudal fin unlike pelagic continuous swimmers (e.g., tunas, sharks, and dolphins), and because sunfish are often seen lying on their sides and drifting at the sea surface. This common view was questioned by a recent study using acoustic telemetry which showed that the horizontal movements of ocean sunfish were independent of ocean currents. However, direct information on the locomotor performance of the species under natural conditions is still lacking. In this study, we attached multi-sensor data loggers with a time-scheduled releasing mechanism to three ocean sunfish (mass 48, 59, and 153 kg) in Otsuchi Bay, Japan. Loggers were detached from the fish 5 h after deployment, located with VHF radio signals, and recovered by a boat. The fish swam continuously (mean speed, 0.4-0.7 m s-1) with frequent vertical movements (maximum depth change, 108 m), using their dorsal and anal fins synchronously (dominant frequency, 0.3-0.6 Hz). In one instance, a fish accelerated to 2.4 m s-1 for 15 s horizontally near the sea surface with a right-rotated position (roll 48¡) and a high stroke frequency (2.0 Hz). During the recordings, no fish drifted on its side at the surface. These observations indicate that, unlike the common view, ocean sunfish are active swimmers.
Contact : Yuuki Watanabe,, International Coastal Research Center, Ocean Research Institute,
The University of Tokyo, 2-106-1 Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate 028-1102, Japan


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Keeping Molas in Captivity at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium


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National Geographic article on mola


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