National Geographic article on mola

A new world record...

Australian museum

British marine life study society

Mike Johnson Marine Natural History Photography sunfish Images and video


Karl lab


Downloadable PDFs of popular and research papers

Marine Animals: The Next Generation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle?


Molidae Parasites


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sunfish rehabilitation center in South Africa

Census of Marine Life

Note from the field

National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration

Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute

The Lindbergh Foundation

Smithsonian Visiting Research Fellowship

Sunfish Literature

Features the tireless efforts of fellow sunfish lover, Etsuro Sawai from Hiroshima University, to assemble a comprehensive list of relevant sunfish publications. Three cheers to Etsuro.

Sunfish Poetry

For kids, young and old...

Virtual coloring page

Kristen Carlson, Fathom it Productions:

Coloring page PDF




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